CISO Canada Summit | Nov 12, 2020 | Virtual Summit - Real-time Online Conversations



Protect Against BEC Fraud, the $26B Scam That is Worse Than You Think

Executive Boardroom - 1:30 pm - 1:50 pm

Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) scams have cost victimized businesses over $26 billion since 2016. Are you prepared to protect yourself and your employees from these attacks? 

What BEC and EAC have in common is that their number one target is your people. They rely on social engineering and are designed to solicit fraudulent wire transfers or payment. Attackers use various tactics, such as password spay, phishing, or malware, to compromise an email account. Once they're in, they can phish internally or launch another attack. None of these emails carry malicious payload and they are narrowly targeted at a few people within an organization, making these types of threats very hard to recognize. 

In this session, we'll discuss: 

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) 
  • Best Practices: How to address and mitigate BEC and EAC risks 
  • Real-world examples of BEC and EAC attempts and lessons learned

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